A Tasmanian company designing and building a superior range of steel sheds & structures in Tasmania for commercial, industrial and rural markets.

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Our innovative approach to steel buildings offers both economy and uncompromising quality, with attention to detail from start to finish.

Our Design Process

Our expert team have had years of experience working with customers throughout Tasmania to build steel structures that are industry specific and durable, over-engineered to provide long-lasting strength.

About Bison

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Commercial, Industrial and Rural Sheds Tasmania

Bison Constructions is a Tasmanian company specialising in construction of steel sheds in Tasmania. We're proud of our heritage and where we come from and we feel that this helps us appreciate the requirements of our customers. We manufacture high quality rural, industrial and commercial steel buildings.

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Farm Buildings

We offer a selection of farm sheds to farmers in the local area and beyond. As with all our sheds, we give a comprehensive and personalised service. Our key focus is on causing the minimal amount of disruption as we acknowledge that you have a working operation. Our entire design process will naturally meet the requirements of your local council with whom we will liaise throughout the process to ensure full compliance.

When it comes to the construction of farm sheds in Tasmania, we can discuss whether you want our vastly experienced teams to erect your shed, or whether you would prefer this to be done by a builder of your choice. Our emphasis is on client satisfaction so we will always put your wishes first. The farm sheds that we manufacture include hay sheds, yard covers, machinery sheds and workshops.

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Dairy Buildings

As part of our efforts to bring the finest sheds in Tasmania to all our customers, we work closely with farmers to provide farm sheds, including dairy buildings. We appreciate that every farm is different and bespoke designs are usually required. As a standard, all our sheds have a high level of corrosion control with several options available. In addition, we offer solutions when it comes to bird protection, skylight and canopy options as well as various door and ventilation configurations.

Our uniquely produced steel sheds serve farmers across the region and are roofed on the ground and then lifted into position over your existing dairy and infrastructure resulting in the minimum amount of disruption. If you browse the website you will see that we offer a number of different options such as rotary dairy sheds, herringbone dairy sheds, robot sheds, calving and loafing barns and calf shelters.

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Dairy Shed
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Dairy Sheds

Equine Buildings

The equine industry is a huge business and many of our sheds are focused around this. We find that many of our clients wish to make a statement and this includes new arenas, training and stable buildings as well as yard covers. We have vast experience in all of these areas and your construction will be customised to meet your own requirements. Every equine building is constructed without the need for obstructive, internal supports which makes them perfect for undercover riding arenas and horse stables.

We will sit down and discuss your requirements to ensure that you get everything that you're looking for plus a lot more. These will be farm sheds that go just that one step beyond the norm, giving you something that you can be truly proud of. All of the sheds that we construct are steel sheds, manufactured in our own workshop in Scottsdale.

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Sports Facilities

With the unpredictable weather that we experience here on our island, many sports get called off due to the rain but that needn’t be the case if you have a Bison outdoor playing field cover. Our steel sheds are designed for life, so we can erect a strong, safe covered court or learning area that not only provides protection from the rain, but also from harmful UV rays. This is ideal for schools or any other modern sporting facility.

We are experts when it comes to designing and erecting widespan sheds that are perfectly suited to provide full coverage to outdoor sports fields, courts, bowling greens and playgrounds. You will also have the peace of mind that our steel sheds will last a lifetime, meaning that you will get a fantastic return on your investment in addition to the many satisfied clients who will praise your facilities.

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General Industrial Sheds

Here at Bison, we are the leading manufacturer of industrial sheds. We combine practicality with something that's aesthetically pleasing so you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Regardless of whether you require a reception or office building, we can create the ideal solution for you. Working within existing buildings or creating something completely new, we have the solution for you and it can be as simple or as complicated as you wish.

Of course, we also have a wealth of experience in constructing workshops that are industry focused and may require extra height, canopies, dividing walls, insulation, lighting or maybe even a mezzanine floor to give you even greater amounts of space. As you can see from our website, we also manufacture the following:

  • Distribution and Warehouse buildings
  • Workshops
  • Bus shelters
  • Mining
  • Processing factories
  • Cool rooms
  • Pump, power-stations and treatment plants

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Rural Industrial Sheds

Due to our rural setting, some of the industrial sheds that we manufacture here are aimed particularly at this market. We appreciate that this can be quite specific and require tailored solutions. We concentrate on your needs and objectives to offer and create the perfect solutions for you and your business. Over the years we have dealt with a vast number of industries and have created steel sheds to cater for almost every eventuality and situation.

  • Feedlot shelters
  • Saleyard covers
  • Wineries
  • Produce and storage (packhouse)
  • Grain storage facilities
  • Cool rooms

If you are looking for a shed in Tasmania, Bison Construction is the ideal choice for you. We offer high-quality steel sheds designed to meet industrial and commercial shed needs in Tasmania. We have a selection of farm and widespan sheds for clients across a wide spectrum of industries. If you would like more information about the product and service, please feel free to call us on 03 6352 4449 or alternatively, you can contact us via our website. We look forward to hearing from you!

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